Don't forget our great selection of items for a delicious Kings meal at home.

Take Home Meals

20 pc Wontons or Dumplings - $16.99

Hot & Sour Soup - $5.99

Super Meal Deal
(20pc. Dumplings + 20pc. Wontons + 2-32oz. Broth + Hot & Sour Soup) - $38


Carrot Ginger Vinaigrette
375mL - $7.49
This tangy sweet profile is the perfect finishing touch to our famous dumplings. Don't stop there though - it's also a supreme salad dressing.

Heavenly Hot Sauce
375mL - $8.99
500mL - $11.99
750mLm- $14.99  
Add a flavour packed but gentle kick to your meal. Alberta's liquid gold - bottled. 
It's a priceless addition to your pantry.